Parenting Advice


Babybrains® is the provider of empowering parental education endorsed by Prof. Mark Johnson, Head of Psychology Dept., Cambridge University. It delivers parenting-relevant, easily digestible scientific information in a fun and interactive way.

We aim at improving perinatal wellbeing by giving parents the tools to be more effective and fulfilled in the relationship with their children. This makes for informed and mindful parents, who can raise empowered children, who will turn into more balanced, happier and more fulfilled adults.

Babybrains® has been created by Silvia Dalvit Ménabé, a PhD Neuroscientist and Hampstead Mum of 3, as a bridge between the research labs and each individual family, where the scientific insight can most effectively be put to use. Many eminent neuroscientists endorse and collaborate with us, and a growing number of Babybrains trainers is bringing science and fun to parents all over the world.

We offer informative and empowering parenting workshops in private and corporate settings, one-to-one consultations, and the free Babybrains app that supports the parent-child relationship in the first year after birth.

We empower parents to give each unique child the best possible start in life.


Connected Mothers Circles

Motherhood is not easy, especially in modern society.  we all need connection and support, both for ourselves personally and for learning the ropes of this new job!

Mothers and babies (under age one) are invited to join us for weekly small group gatherings in a non-judgmental space where you can explore your parenting questions, gain valuable knowledge, and be welcomed by a warm, supportive community of mums that you can relate with.

In our circles you will enjoy:

  • a comfortable environment where you can relax and connect with other mothers with babies

  • a supportive network of women navigating the journey of motherhood

  • personalized and intimate presentations from our team of highly acclaimed specialists on modern parenting topics

  • tools and resources to care for your baby, your family, and yourself

  • leadership of two experienced professional life coaches and mothers

  • everything your baby needs- including changing table, quiet areas to feed and sleep, toys and supplies

  • unlimited tea and coffee, nourishing snacks, and a delicious, healthy, organic lunch

Benefit from personalized small group presentations and gain valuable knowledge from our guest specialists on the topics that keep you up at night:

  • self-care for mothers

  • connecting with your baby

  • babies and sleep

  • post-natal fitness

  • nutrition for mothers and babies

  • relationship with your partner

  • motherhood and career

  • laughter and loving your body


Hello mums and dads, Do you feel you need some professional sleep support for your baby or toddler? I am a UK qualified infant sleep coach who is family-centred with a holistic and gentle approach. I believe in the importance of empowering families with positive gentle sleep solutions to help you achieve a calmer, happier household. very child is special and every family is unique. There's no one size fits all and that's why every sleep plan I create with you is perfectly tailor-made to specifically help your family. I'm available for private home visits in London. Video and phone consultations worldwide. 0203 633 1903


Mindfulness Classes and Coaching

Minding Emotions

MINDING EMOTIONS is based on educational training programs. This Program integrates the wisdom of the traditions of western psychology and eastern contemplative practices with intention of providing secular practices that can help anyone achieve greater emotional balance Learning how to meaningfully attend to our emotional experiences of oneself and others leads to constructive interpersonal comunication.

The Program will develop universal values, a healthier society, more responsible and compassionate. Minding Emotions teaches its core program Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) a mindfulness program specifically designed to bring awareness to our emotional states. We also teach Mindfulness for Stress, Mindfulness for Self-compassion for Adults, Adolescents (teens) and children. 1-1 coaching also available.

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